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Cleveland company among first to make hemp products, including a transdermal patch, under Ohio’s Hemp Program

CLEVELAND — In the next few days, Cleveland-based First Necessity plans to bring one of the first products to market made under Ohio’s Hemp Program. It’s creating a transdermal patch that is applied directly to the skin to help with three different types of ailments:
  • MePatch: CBD dominate formulation with CBG for female discomfort

  • CalmCore: CBG dominate formulation with CBD for core related discomfort

  • Victory Patch: A formulation with equal parts CBD & CBG for athletes, weekend warriors or anyone one who wants to declare victory over discomfort in their bodies and get on with the day

Creating Cleveland jobs

First Necessity came together when Jim, who is also a lawyer representing businesses in the medical marijuana industry, decided he and his law partner wanted to get involved in the industry themselves. At the same time, Chad Zumkehr was interested in jumping into cannabis too, hoping to use his expertise as the president of a manufacturing business to help create some kind of patch for the skin.

Before the Farm Bill legalized hemp in 2018 and Ohio’s Hemp Program in 2019, both men thought they’d have to go out of state to get the business started. Zumkehr says he was looking to partner with companies in Colorado when Ohio’s program made it possible to stay in state.

“We didn’t want to leave the state,” said Ickes. “We’re all Ohio through and through for the most part so the timing worked out that we didn’t have to go anywhere.”

Instead, Zumkehr and Ickes are now gearing up to produce the First Necessity patches in Cleveland. Zumkehr says he has plans to build out a 2,500 square feet clean room so that the operation can have the capacity to make thousands of patches a day and open the space up to other hemp entrepreneurs.

“Why not create jobs and make the patch right here,” said Zumkehr. “Our hope is that this is going be something that can really create some jobs.”

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